The actor discusses his character’s dark new role as a mentor.

Cinemax: Do you think Sidney has completely gone over to the dark side this season?

Brent Spiner: I think he’s always been a dark, terrible creature. He says this season who you are depends on who you merge with, and who you become together separates you from being a wolf or a sheep. He became a wolf and was given a task and that’s the straight line he’s been on. He’s not doing anything for himself, he’s doing it for the good of the merge. I don’t think he’s worse; I think he’s just still doing his job and what he has to do as a soldier.

Cinemax: Can you talk about Sidney’s interest in Aaron?

Brent Spiner: He thinks Aaron’s got the potential to be another wolf. He’s mentoring Aaron to become like him, but Aaron’s out of control and doing things for no reason other than revenge or craziness or wildness. Sidney’s very by the book: You’ve been given orders and you have to do them, and that’s who Sidney is.

Cinemax: We’re learning not every entity has the same goal. What conflicts do you think might arise because of that?

Brent Spiner: It’s interesting. Sidney says things like, “Who really is the bad guy?” He challenges the humans, saying, “There are seven billion people here, how many more are monsters?” I don’t know that the entities are bad at all, frankly. I think their motive may be pure in the end, although their motive is really, survival. That’s the common bond between them and the humans.