Back in May, Cinemax took to Reddit’s /NoSleep forum, seeking creepy, creative horror stories inspired by the world of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast. The top submissions were reviewed by Kirkman, himself, and out of several jaw-dropping entries, redditor finedininganddestiel was selected as the winner. To celebrate this redditor’s horrific ingenuity, Paul Azaceta, illustrator of the Outcast series, created a single-page comic to bring the story to life.

Looking to fill that horror void until Outcast returns for Season 2? Check out an excerpt from finedininganddestiel’s story and see Azaceta’s illustration, below. You can read the full submission and all the Reddit /NoSleep entries here.




“Jemma, honey, what are you doing?” Elise stepped out from the screen door with her arms crossed in their usual fashion. A frown tugged at her lips; she stared at the back of her daughters polka dotted jumper. The little girl sat in the families own personal sandbox, the one that had been left here by the past owners.

“Digging.” Was all Jemma bothered to reply, short and sweet. Her pigtails swung back and forth as she continued to dig.

Elise smiled, something that had become a rare occurrence these days. Well, with everything happening with Kyle Barnes, who could really blame her?

“Digging, huh? Digging for what?” Elise walked up next to her daughter and placed a hand on her shoulder. Jemma looked up at her with a sweet smile and said, “Our graves, Momma.”